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Did Ascent (ASNT.C) just unlock a money vault?

A few years back, when Health Canada wasn’t really handing out cannabis grow or sales licenses, I attended a meeting in a crappy chain restaurant by the highway in North Richmond. That meeting was packed. It was a collection of MMAR growers, folks who owned unused warehouses, rampant weed activists, accountants who were ready for…

Agrima Botanicals & Simon Fraser University Research Partnership

Agrima Scientific is entering its fifth year of a research agreement with British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University (SFU). Through a shared vision and alliance with the Department of Biological Sciences, Masters of Science students are engaged in cannabis focused research directed and funded by Ascent.

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Ascent is a pioneering, multinational company at the forefront of the emerging cannabis industry focused on developing, branding and producing quality products. Already licensed in Canada, Oregon and Nevada, Ascent is carefully positioned to sit enviably amongst the industry to identify and invest strategically in emerging markets.